An era has passed and Bamberton is no more, but although the buildings may be gone the memories will live on forever. Here are some additional memories from some past Bamberton residents:

Does anyone remember the BAMBERTON BLAZERS hockey team? (Joe Chance)

Rebricking the kilns was an experience. I can remember it was so hot the wooden planks we laid on floor of the kiln started to smoulder while we were working. (K.C.)

In the 1950’s the bunkhouse was shut down, but after the closure some enterprising soul decided to use the space to build a boat. The boat was constructed in the games room, but this being on the second floor, an inventive way was needed to move the boat outside. (AC)

I can remember I liked to hide by twirling myself up in the curtains at the Community Hall. (KF)

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Rebricking the kilns
Rebricking the kilns

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