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The Heritage Museum’s ‘Times They Are A-Changing Exhibit’, is an opportunity to relive your memories. See the changes that time has created in our lives.

Remember Rock and Roll, The 50’s Diner, a rotary phone, the school strap and don’t forget the ‘Out House’.
Play the ‘GUESS THE OBJECT GAME’, it’s fun for the whole family.
See all this and more from 11:00 to 3:00 Sundays at the Heritage Museum, 2851 Church Way, in Mill Bay



Want to Help Make History Come Alive? Please join us in our efforts to preserve and celebrate the history of our local community. Do so while meeting new people and having some fun!
Contact Bamberton Historical Society, Cobble Hill Historical Society or Mill Bay - Malahat Historical Society .

Hello Everyone

I’m Maureen Alexander with the Mill Bay/Malahat Historical Society and I want to welcome you to the fun History Trivia Quiz called ‘I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT’.

We are going to test your history knowledge with three questions that might make you say “I never would have guessed that’.


A registered society and charity on Vancouver Island

The Bamberton Historical Society, a registered society and charity, would like to thank all the wonderful people who have supported our many activities over the last 15 years.

The BHS is excited to announce, after closing its museum and tours at the Bamberton site 3 years ago, we are moving to a heritage building in Mill Bay. We are partnering with the Mill Bay/Malahat and the Cobble Hill Historical Society to create a new museum in a heritage building located at 2851 Church Way in Mill Bay. Once again we will be sharing Bamberton’s unique story with the public. Watch this website for more details of our opening date.

Bamberton is considered by the BC Archives to be one of the most important industrial sites in BC’s history and through the tireless efforts of the BHS volunteers this history has been shared with nearly 10,000 people who have visited the site over the past 8 years. Live historical theatre, 2 documentaries, a book and dozens of community presentations have spread Bamberton history far beyond the Cowichan Valley.

The BHS holds the only archives and artifacts of this amazing history. These are extremely valuable because they are the only ones in existence and date from 1911. These archives and artifacts are currently being moved to a storage unit but the BHS is hoping another location can be found so this important history can again be shared with the public and preserved for future generations.

For further information please contact Maureen Alexander at www.bambertonhistoricalsociety.org

Funding:I want to stress we have never received any funding from the CVRD. The majority of our funding has come from Heritage Canada, and other donations which are a result of my writing dozens of grant applications every year.
The bottom line is the Bamberton Historical Society needs a location for our artifacts and archives. Combining the BHS with the MBMHS is not an option because the MBMHS as you know is located in a building that is for sale and we will be expected to vacate when it is sold.

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