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The Bamberton Cement Plant is considered by the British Columbia Archives to be one of the most important industrial sites in BC’s history.

“Bamberton brought world wide attention to the shores of Saanich Inlet, an unknown wilderness in the colonies. It gave Vancouver Island the financial boost needed to compete in the early days of the last century when anything was possible.”

                              -Dr. Bob Griffin of the Royal B.C. Museum

In July of 2005 the Bamberton Historical Society was formed to gather and preserve historical materials pertaining to the history of the Bamberton Cement Plant and village. Since that time, hundreds of pieces of information dating from 1911 have been collected in the form of photos, maps, charts, company records, film footage, audio interviews and other memorabilia.

As a result of the overwhelming public support, the Bamberton Historical Society was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization on March 07, 2006.

Through this website, displays at the Heritage Museum and the book, “Bamberton From Dust to Bust and Back” we hope to make the public aware of Bamberton’s unique role in our history.

We would like to express our gratitude to those who shared their memories with us and have supported our efforts to preserve Bamberton’s heritage. Without your help it would not have been possible.

We welcome your memories and photos of Bamberton.  Please contact us: Maureen Alexander:, Rosemary Devoe:, Helen Pool:

BAMBERTON Dust to Bust and Back

The book is available for purchase at the Heritage Museum, 2851 Church Way, Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P2 or call 250-743-0144.

Visit us at the museum on Sundays, 11am-3pm.

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